About Us

EduMatters was started in 2014 with the aim of being an online portal to help
parents navigate the education landscape. We seek to achieve this by providing
news, information, education resources and reviews for parents.

Our Vision

Informing, connecting and enabling parents to provide holistic education solutions
for their child.

Our Mission

To aid our users in making informed decisions, by promoting the sharing of
accurate information and honest feedback, in various areas of education.

About EduMatters

EduMatters is founded on the belief that every parent wants the best for their child and
that a good education is the key a child’s future. We want parents to make informed
decisions by helping them understand the ever-changing education landscape. We aim
to provide accurate and balanced views on education news and policy changes. By
being “educated about education“, parents can make choices that will be able to
stretch their child to the best of their abilities.

  • Our Review SystemUsers can read and leave reviews on schools, learning centres and tutors.
    Readers can read authentic and useful feedback from others users before making a decision.
  • Our ArticlesWe aim to provide a well-rounded view of current issues or upcoming policy changes to elevate our collective understanding of the education landscape.
    Our editorial team comprises of teachers, ex-educators and parents.
  • Our DirectoryEduMatters maintains our own Schools, Learning Centre and Tutor directories.
    Intuitive search functions and carefully designed profilepages allow users to find the information they need quickly.
    Get a free listing with us if you are a business owner or tutor!
  • Our Tutor DirectoryParents can search for suitable tutors and contact them directly. They can read what other parents are saying about the tutors in the reviews section.
    Listing is free and there is also NO commission charge. Tutors can get students and parents to leave reviews as testimonials to their effectiveness.

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