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Started in June 2014, EduMatters quickly gained traction as one of the leading websites that provides useful education information.

EduMatters is able to produce relevant news as we have a good feel of our users’ sentiments. This is achieved by having a strong presence on social media and in online education groups.

Majority of our users are between the ages of 25 years – 44 years old and 71% of our users are female.

Our users are interested in their holistic education for their children. If your business is involved with Academics, Art and Crafts, Music and Dance, Character Development, Camps, Enrichment programs or products for parents and students, EduMatters is an ideal platform to reach out to your potential customers.

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Business Listings

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Why list with us?

Location, location, location. Users are shown relevant learning centres based on their postal code. No need to fight for visibility with a business halfway across the island.

You maintain control. You have your own control panel to manage your business profile page. Update it with the latest news and offers for customers.

Spread the word. Reviews by parents will help your business by amplifying the word-of-mouth effect. Get your satisfied customers to leave a glowing review. Potential customers reading a good review on EduMatters is worth more than testimonials on your own website.

Relax, chill out. You do not have to worry about unfair reviews. Our manned review system and backend checks help deters fake or malicious reviews.




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