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Bukit Batok Secondary School

About Us

To nurture BBSSians to be self-directed learners with abundance mentality
A premier school which provides quality holistic education to every BBSSian.
  • CCA
    Air Rifle, Badminton (Boys/Girls/Recreational), Basketball (Boys), Rugby, Soccer, Softball (Girls), X Country
    Uniform Groups
    Boys' Brigade, Girls' Brigade, Guides, NCC (Land), NCC (Sea), NPCC, St John Ambulance Brigade
    Chinese Orchestra, Choir, Concert Band, Drama, Indian Dance, Malay Dance, Modern Dance
    Clubs and Societies
    Gym Club, Media Club, One Earth Club, PA Club, Reading Club
  • Niche CCA(s) : Effective Thinking Strategies
  • Express Science : 226
  • Normal Art : 170
  • Normal Technichal : 114


Contact No.
50 Bukit Batok West Avenue 8, Singapore 658962

Address and Location

50 Bukit Batok West Avenue 8, Singapore 658962


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  1. Report commentMy Career Inspiration! [Submitted by dreamzting as Student] -- May 7, 2015

    Academic Learning
    Character Development
    Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)
    2002 - I would like to share a story about my Chemistry teacher, Mrs Rosie Lau, who taught me when I was in Secondary 3 & 4. I remembered that I always looked forward to her lessons. She put in a lot of effort in teaching us, especially when Chemistry is not an easy subject to study or teach. Often, she would think of simpler methods and various ways to teach us so that we can understand the concepts. Our class was not exactly the easiest class to teach, but she refused to give up on any student. She was very encouraging and spent a lot of time beyond the curriculum hours to teach my friends and I, in order to make sure we can catch up with the lessons in class. With her as my Chemistry teacher, I feel truly blessed and it was due to her, I love the subject a lot and managed to score a A1 in my GCE O Levels Examination. After my graduation, she was promoted to be the Vice-Principal of the school. She asked me on whether I am keen to be a relief teacher then and I took up the offer, as I was really interested in being a teacher and wanted to try it out. It was tough but I really enjoyed the interactions with the students in the class. I took over the teaching load of a teacher on maternity leave and I was a form teacher and my oldest class was a Secondary 4 NT Mathematics class. I was only 18 then, just finished my Junior College education and 2 years older than the students in the class. It was that 4 months experience that further affirm my decision to be a teacher. I took up the NIE degree course and ended up as a teacher. It is not hard guessing the subject that I eventually teach - Chemistry. She was really my inspiration and I am really blessed and grateful to meet her. Even after graduating for so many years, I still kept in contact with her and even approached her to teach certain Chemistry concepts that I am struggling with to make sure I can help my students understand my lessons. I really want to thank her for all that she has done for me and supporting me in this entire journey. She is a current Vice-Principal of Greenridge Secondary School.

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