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Students at Void Deck gets Confrontational with Concerned Resident

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“A group of ignorant students from Fuhua Secondary School would gather at my void deck creating nuisanse,smoking and littering in school uniforms every single day..Despite several complaint lodged to the school and police,these group of nuisance would still patron the void deck daily…

They get aggressive if you approach them..bunch of idiots..told them so many times,I got kids in my house and told them to go somewhere else..what had the school and parents taught them..”

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Netizen Ramli posted this video on his Facebook page to alert other residents about the actions of these void deck‪#‎Gangsters‬ who have been creating a nuisance, smoking and littering while in their school uniforms everyday. This video was filmed when Mr Ramli confronted the group one day and told them to stop loitering.



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