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Tutate E.D.G.E sets to change the online learning landscape

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Since its launch earlier this year, Tutate has established itself as the choice app among parents looking for assessment books. Backed by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), Tutate’s secret lies in their powerful reporting tools for parents, to understand their children’s progress.

We managed to squeeze in a quick interview with Tutate’s founder, Mr Kau Yi Ming, and realised that not only has Tutate evolved, it is in the midst of a major product launch. We asked his opinion on the role of Technology in Education, as well as the background story behind Tutate’s new product launch.

Mr Kau: It is unavoidable that technology will play a bigger role in education. Our statistics show that children who have been doing questions on Tutate, do an average of 300% more questions than their peers who are practicing with pen and paper. This is because of the timely feedback, the immediate explanations as well as the interactivity of an online portal. Technology in Education should be managed carefully as there are more distractions for a child when they are online.

EduMatters: Tell us more about your new product launch!

Mr Kau: With parents’ feedback, we have spent the last 6 months developing Tutate E.D.G.E.  Tutate E.D.G.E is the Artificial Intelligence behind our Singapore Primary Math Curriculum questions. 

Currently parents have to decide which assessment books to buy for their children. It is also common for parents to buy a few assessment books as each book may have certain questions they want their child to try. Tutate E.D.G.E’s Artificial Intelligence engine continuously monitors each student’s performance and decide on the next set of  questions for them.

The questions will be constantly tweaked to scaffold your child’s learning to help him reach his potential. You will never have to worry if the questions are too difficult or too easy.

EduMatters: That will really be useful for parents and students. Are these questions based on the Singapore Maths Curriculum?

Mr Kau: Yes. All our questions are also crafted by curriculum experts behind popular assessment books such as Singapore Asia Publishers (S.A.P) and Shing Lee and we are adding more as we speak. 

EduMatters: So what does E.D.G.E stand for?

Mr Kau: Tutate E.D.G.E represents our holistic approach to a student’s learning and our system is built around this idea.

E: Engaging Students

D: Developing Concepts

G: Goals Settings

E: Evaluating Performance

We believe in order for meaningful learning to take place, a student has to be engaged first, before we work on developing his/her concepts. As they are developing their concepts, they will then be able to set realistic goals for themselves. Throughout this process, parents and tutors gets a transparent view of the student’s process. They would be able to see how long the student spends on each question and their weak and strong topics. This gives parents/tutors a good idea on where and how to begin to help the student.

EduMatters: Sounds really revolutionary! I am sure EduMatters’ readers will be looking forward to it.

Mr Kau: Thanks for dropping by to feature us. I would like to extend a special discount code for all EduMatters’ readers. Type in “ILOVETUTATE” to enjoy a 60% discount off Tutate E.D.G.E subscriptions!


You can sign up for Tutate E.D.G.E here. There is a FREE 7 day trial to try out all their features. Your child can also try out their latest Mathematics diagnostic tests for Pri 5 & 6 students to get a quick assessment of how well they know their topics.

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