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Information on Edumatters

  1. How accurate is your information on schools and courses?
    Schools/Courses information can change anytime. While EduMatters have a team looking into the maintenance of the data, we strongly advise all users to refer to school websites to verify critical information for decision making.Please also refer to our Terms of Service for the usage of information on our site.
  2. I see that some of your information is incorrect.
    Please use the Feedback button at the top to inform us and we will amend it as soon as we have verified it. It would also be useful if you could point us to the correct information.
  3. How do I engage a tutor?
    Use the search functions in our tutor directory to find tutors suitable for you or your child.
    You may contact them directly with your questions, or choose to send them a message. EduMatters recommends that all tuition sessions are supervised by an adult.It is advisable to look through the information in their profile thoroughly before contacting them.
  4. How do I pay the commission fee?
    All tuition fees are to be made in full to the tutors based on the payment arrangements between the tutor and yourself.
  5. How can I verify the tutor’s credentials?
    All tutors who submit a scanned copy of their certificates will receive a “Verified” logo. You are however still recommended to request for the tutors to bring along their certificates on the first lesson.


  1. How much commission does EduMatters charge?
    EduMatters do not charge any commission at all. You get to keep 100% of the amount that parents pay you. EduMatters wishes all Tutors do their best in nurturing the children entrusted to them, as such we do not feel that it is fair that we take commission for your dedication and hardwork.
  2. Is the service free?
    At the moment it is free and it is not in our long term plans to charge tutors’ commission.
  3. Am I guaranteed tuition assignments?
    We are constantly marketing and advertising our website to parents with children in Primary or Secondary school. There is a high chance that parents will enquire with you if you have a comprehensive tutor profile page.
  4. I am still not sure.
    Listing is free at the moment. Try it for free and start sharing your profile page. You would be surprised how many parents are looking for reliable tutors.

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